hold on a second while i vomit.

one of the most disgusting things i have ever seen.

into the wild.

after having read, and loved, the jon krakauer book back in college, i have finally seen sean penn's version of the story.
something about christopher mccandless' self-proclaimed adventure has always been very magnetic to me. i realize that his motivations for 'leaving society' were not pure, and possibly self-centered and naive, but his act of extracting himself is something i admit to daydreaming about. certainly, backpacking accomplishes this for me, but in a much more tempered sense.
i should note that i loved the movie. it was beautiful and (i feel) well casted. i believe that sean penn was able to capture the paradox of christopher mccandless' journey. the fact that he shot the movie totally on location is evident and invaluable.


i got a package today from penzeys spices.
i am very excited.
it's always fun to receive a package, but much better when it is related to food.
i like penzeys because they provide a quality product at very reasonable prices. plus, certain spices (cumin, cayenne, chipotle, garlic, etc.) i go through by the bag.
the best part is that they always send you a free sample of something with your order.
today's freebie: sandwich sprinkle. i'm not sure about this one...maybe it's just the name.
i only wish i lived closer to one of their stores.

awful. funny.

it's terrible. and it's funny. only the onion...
an interesting side note: ira glass does a little piece on the how they come up with the material for the onion on 'this american life'. the podcast on itunes is free.

vegans, please avert your eyes.

it should be known that adam is the best mac'n'cheese maker ever. this dish may be the primary cause of my cholesterol issues and my inability to commit to veganism.
i prefer mine served with sriracha hot chili sauce and green peas. adam eats it with ketchup (which i think is sacrilege).

oh. really?

does this type of advertising really act as a deterent?


i may be a bit behind the times, but i am just now getting around to converting all of my compact discs to mp3.
this is a sucky chore. i never thought that i had a lot of music, but this is time consuming even for 200 discs.
i am also realizing, based on the release date of my "newest" music, that i stopped any serious investing in music about 8-10 years ago.
does this mean i am getting old and set in my musical ways?
or does it mean that i just don't want to buy cds anymore?
(they are a nuisance...hence my overdue move to mp3)